The Board Game + Craft Beer Group

Play Games, Drink Beer (and Pop!)

Tabletop & Brews is an easygoing group of people that love board games and craft beer. We have weekly gaming nights at local taprooms and breweries to have fun, roll dice, and drink some of the best beer Chicagoland has to offer. You’ll see all kinds of games at our game nights. Short bluffing games with a Spy in our midst, Cooperative games solving crimes or fighting disease. Classic euro games of growing and selling beans, strategic games of pillaging viking clans, and everything in between. You’ll find all kinds of games at our game night. 

Our hosts love teaching new games and welcoming new gamers into the group. Everyone is welcome regardless of game experience, and the majority of our game nights are kid friendly. 

Besides our local events, we also have a Board Game and Craft Beer review series released through YouTube and Facebook. 

See you at the table!