We’re a group of easygoing misfits that love board games and craft beer. Our group first started when we began hosting a game night at a local tap room in October 2016, but it wasn’t until January 2019 that we decided to officially form a group to celebrate the games and craft beer we love, and to share this with our community.

All of our game nights are open to the public and held at local breweries and tap rooms. Chicagoland has an amazing craft beer scene that we are so lucky to be apart of and help support. Our motto is “Play Local, Drink Local”. Board games bring people together as neighbors, family, and friends, and we can have a fun time while supporting the local businesses and breweries that make our community such an awesome place to live.

In addition to our game nights, we have a YouTube channel to bring the Tabletop & Brews experience to everyone. We do board game reviews and tutorials to teach newcomers how to play, and highlight and review some of our favorite beers from the Chicagoland craft beer scene.




The majority of our game nights are all ages, and we have plenty of games for newcomers and seasoned gamers alike. Feel free to bring your own games, join a table, or start a new table with a friend. 

Our group is friendly and we love to meet new gamers. For more in-depth information on our game nights, please see our individual event pages.